Garena Free Fire APK v1.57.0 Download

Free Fire is the First most popular online mobile game in India After banned is PUBG Mobile. But in India, Free Fire is the second most popular game. Why this game is popular because it’s an online multiplayer mobile game. Also, you play with your friends that’s why the game is so popular in India. We also introduce all the features and how to download Garena Free Fire APK. 

Are you looking at how to download Garena Free Fire APK, So are you stay at the right post? If yes, We tell you about Free Fire and how it works. Because you are at the best post, So without wasting any time let’s get started.

Free fire is the first top-rated mobile game in India. Because PUBG Mobile is banned in India so all the PUBG Mobile players are sifted on Free fire. Because the gameplay of Free Fire is the same as PUBG Mobile India. And this game also playable for any Android Mobile phone. Everyone knows about Grand Theft Auto, It loos like your pocket Grand Theft Auto Because in-game missions, Dialogues, Graphics are the Grand Theft Auto.

The game is like an open world because in-game you have almost everything like cars for driving Guns for shooting and all same thing as real life.

Free Fire is free for all its lovers and anyone can download Free Fire on his Android Mobile phone. Because it’s available on the Play Store So goes and download it now.

What is Free Fire APK?

Garena Free Fire APK v1.57.0 Download

Free Fire APK is the latest version of Garena Free Fire APK. It this amazing you can play with your friends because the real fun you absorbed with playing with your friends.  This game is the original version of Free Fire its comes with a lot of amazing features and options.

In India, Free Fire is the only online, Adventure, Action, Multiplayer game. The game will give a Third-person perspective. You want to be a winner so you can survive at the last. So many enemies want to kill you but you don’t die till the end because the last men are the winner of the match, So play with safety and care. To kill those enemies you might need some weapons and, armor, Helmet and a bag for carrying all the things. In-game you can drive cars, Bikes, Buses, and all. Free Fire is a very funny and amazing game, I am pretty sure you will be like it.

Even in-game you get all the skins for weapons, Cars, Bikes, etc. You will also purchase Free Fire currency and buy more skins and all. If you want to download the Free Fire game follow the steps giving below. Read them carefully.

Garena Free Fire APK Download

Garena Free Fire APK v1.57.0 Download

App Name Garena Free Fire
Publisher Garena
Size 706MB


Genre Online Multiplayer
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Update Dec 9, 2020

Features of Free Fire APK

If you have played PUBG before banned but nowadays PUBG Mobile is banned in India. Mostly did not play PUBG Mobile, Don’t worry Free Fire same as PUBG Mobile Because the gameplay of Free Fire same as the PUBG mobile. SO Those players play PUBG Mobile on their android mobile phone so have also the option to play Mobile games. You will play this game with your friends then you will have a lot of joy and fun.

In this game, you play the same as PUBG Mobile because the gameplay of Free Fire is your land on the match with the help of a parachute and collect the weapons kill enemies, and survive to win the match of Free Fire. If your health is down by enemies also their medicines to recover your health.

Here also in the game, you have cars, Bikes, Boats And all the things So can drive a car to cover the long-distance, same as Bike, And Boat also the distance of water. and so many interesting things in this game. go on the Play Store and download it now. And now we tell you how to download the Free Fire from Play Store.


For anything, you have to purchase in any game there is a different type of currency that currency called the game currency. Same as Free Fire for anything you buy in this game first you have to purchase Diamonds by spending money. If oy have purchase Diamonds so you can buy anything you want in-game.


Chatting about any game, the First thing everyone noticed in any game his Graphics. Graphics is the most important thing for any game. Now Talk about Free Fire Graphics, Graphics of Free Fire same as graphics of PUBG Mobile. You have to option to change your Graphics to your Mobile settings. The game is run also 60FPS. The graphics of Free Fire is really good. This also runs any Android Mobiles. so you don’t worry because you have a lower setting phone.

How to download Free Fire APK?

It is a very fun game and also easy this download from Play Store. We have created a simple guide for you to download Free Fire APK from Play Store.

Step 1 – We provide the link to the play store in middle, Tap on the Play Store button and download it now.

Step 2 – Go to Play Store: First you go to the Play Store and search Free Fire APK and click on the download button now starts downloading.

Step 3 – Install Free Fire APK: Once Free Fire APK completely downloads. So can click on the install button and install Free Fire APK.

Step 4 – Launch Free Fire APK: Installation is complete now the game is ready to play. Click on the App shown on your Android Mobile phone. And play with your friends and enjoy it.


I am telling you all the things about Free Fire, and I did my best for you. We all know Free Fire APK game is a feeling for everyone. This game also a competitor of PUBG Mobile. Its features also very amazing and joyful I am pretty sure if you play this game with your friends you can really enjoy it. Please share this post with your friends. Thank you,