Mini Militia APK v5.3.7 Download Full Review

What is Mini Militia APK: Nowadays Mobile games are so popular in India like PUBG mobile, Free Fire, And so many types of mobile games, but Mini Militia is the best game for entertainment because you will play with your friends. it’s an Online multiplayer Mobile game. The dimensions of this game are 2D. Yes, this game is 2 dimensions. Mini Militia APK is also known as Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia APK.

This Mobile game is so amazing and interesting and joyful if you play with your friends. The best part of this game his graphics, The Graphics of this game is amazing and beautiful, I am pretty sure you most like them. The population of this game around the world is so high, so let’s know about What is Mini Militia APK.

In this post, I am telling you how to download and install and how to play Mini Militia APK. How many types of you play this game and all? From the title of the article, you must have to know what is in the article. So the guy welcomes to Dinya-net. As you know this website produces some most popular games and apps on Play Store.

What is Mini Militia APK

Mini Militia is the multiplayer online mobile game you will play with your friends and online players. Mini Militia is an action and thrill game, This action game was created by Appsomniacs LLC. this game was published on 5 April 2011 For Android and iOS. If you are interested in online mobile games so this game is very useful for you.

If you want to play against your friends, Yes you can. Your WiFi connects together in this game you play with your 6 players more. Mini Militia is a very lightweight game for your android mobile phone. It requires your android phone 4.3 and installs on your phone. the downloads of this game on the Play store than 500 million times so far. It’s a big number.

I think no mere tell about this game because 500 Million downloads are not a small number. You can imagine the popularity of this game, But we give you all the information about Mini Militia APK, And I also tell you about this game and its features.

Download Mini Militia APK 2022

Mini Militia APK v5.3.4 Download

App Name  Mini Militia
Size 43MB


Android Support 4.4 and up
Downloads 500 Million
Genre Game, Action
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Last Update 27 November 2020

Mini Militia APK Features

Every day on the Play Store so many applications are uploaded, But they cannot so popular Because their features are not the same as Mini Militia APK. That’s why Mini Militia is so popular in India Or other countries. Why Mini Militia is so popular is because of its feature. features of Mini Militia are amazing and fantastic. I am pretty sure you also like it.

Multi-Player Game

If you are bored and if you want to play with your friends in this game you can play with other players and also your friends. It’s an online multiplayer game same like PUBG Mobile India. And you can create lots of joy and happiness. If you play Doodle Army 2 with your friend I am sure are you not bored for a long time.

Different Maps

Yes, Same as PUBG mobile, Mini Militia has so many different maps for playing. This feature is very rare because this feature is not giving every game. This feature is so amazing and awesome. if you play Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia APK. This game has different maps and you can play the new maps and new modes.

Works Offline

Sometimes you play Online Mobile games very peacefully and suddenly your Internet does not work. So obviously you are angry. But Mini Militia has not had a problem like this. Because you Play Mini Militia also offline with your friends and others. This is one of the best features of Mini Militia.

Easy & Simple

Everyone knows you play any game on your android mobile it’s very hard to play for the first time, But Mini Militia is very easy to play does not matter how old you are you just download this game from Play Store and install it and play it with your friends. This game is completely safe and secure. This game was specially made for children because it was really easy to play for anyone. The best thing about this game is kept completely simple, which is not difficult to understand for anyone who plays it the first time.

How To Download & Install Mini Militia APK

Mini Militia APK download from Play Store is not a difficult task, But the difficult thing is how to install it on your android mobile. For Example, you should make tea so what do you want to make a tea-like, Sugar, Milk, And water. similarly to the download you needed, an Android mobile, Mini Militia APK, and Internet Connection. Well, let’s see how to download and install it. Follow these steps below.

Remember – If you have already downloaded the Mini Militia app from else were so uninstall it and download it from the Play Store.

Step 1 – We share the download link click the link and download from Play Store.

Step 2 – Go to the Play Store: First you go on the Play Store and search Mini Militia APK and download it.

Step 3 – Install Mini Militia APK: Once the app is downloaded so click on the install button and install it.

Step 4 – Launch Mini Militia APK: Once the installation is complete now tap on the app on your mobile screen and play it.


Mini Militia is completely free on the Play Store. you go and download it, And you also play it with your friends and other people as you want to play. I hope you like this post and my information and also know About What is Mini Militia APK if you really like it so please share this with your friends and others, Thank you

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